Nothing but the Naked truth


Inherent in us is a deep quest to answer certain question that if left unanswered will leave a great insatiable longing within our souls.

(Who am I? What is my purpose? What determines right and wrong? Is there life after death?) Upon the satisfaction of these great deficits lie the foundation from which we make our most precious decisions. The basic foundations with which you decide to fill your life will determine the peace that pushes you onward or the severe unrest that will plague and consume your whole life. I have experienced both the push and the plague. These experiences caused passion to find me.

My passion is to use iambutNaked to walk along side people like me who are convinced that there's more to life, be it simple or exquisite, than what I have experienced so far. I want to intentionally be found by all that is due me as a result of my devotion to Christ and therefore live out the moments that He designed my life to be. I believe that these moments can and will allude me if I am not intentional in my thinking, strategic in my habits, and results driven in my character. I have decided to be butNaked in this endeavor. I believe that truth is not relative. Instead it is found in knowing the Person of Jesus Christ and if you are diligent in this relationship you will find that truth has been known to defy even the facts.

Applied truth of an intimate relationship with Christ gives me the right, responsibility and the freedom to tangibly experiencethe epic adventure created just for me. Therefore I encourage you to join me in the superior quest of knowing God, walking in freedom, discovering your purpose and making a difference. The only way to accomplish this with absolute success is to sojourn the hills and valleys of the straight and narrow boulevard towards nothing but the Naked Truth. This path is not for punks. I dare you to get butNaked....I am.