A Master’s Dream

The Master had denied her fives times already.  He felt like a failure because of a previous student who turned the learned skill against him. That nearly killed him.  He promised himself that he would never mentor another. But she would not be denied. His harsh rejection had obviously bruised her ego, but she was not lead by her emotions.  Instead, she was driven by her passion to be the best because she knew that only the best could defeat her mortal foe.  

She understood that undisciplined muscles atrophy, so she decided to keep practicing all that she knew.  And while she maintained her strength she didn’t get any better.  She had reached the limit of her own wisdom.  She was in desperate need to be taken in hand. She spent half of her time practicing what she already knew in hopes that he would consent to take her on. The other half of her time she spent in his presence as close as he would let her.  She gleaned as much as she could, just by observing and practiced what she thought she understood.  Out of the corner of his eye he watched her closely. He couldn’t resist being inspired by her unbridled determination.  His love for the art compelled him to finally give in.  He thought to himself, “You are a Master’s dream.”

I am the quintessential know-it-all. I know everything about everything.  And if I don’t know how, I bet you that I can find out who.  If I talk to you long enough, I bet I can finish your sentences. Coupled with that, I have a very strong personality.  In the DISC test, the assessment of Tifiny is that she is a strong “D.” I am full of the Dominant trait. I am direct, demanding, domineering, disciplined, and some may say dangerous to the emotionally weak. If you want to get something done, you don’t care how, then I’m your girl – not cool.  This is my strength AND my weakness.  

I believe the 10th fruit of the Spirit is to “know thyself.”  My Mom says, half of being smart is knowing what you’re dumb at. I have been dumb at needing help.  That is until I realized that I can go no further than I am pushed.  Imagine this statement. “Pulling yourself up by your own boot straps.”  That is one of the stupidest statements a person can believe in; not to mention, you’d probably trip and bust your head to the white meat.  But the American dream has inluenced us to believe that this should be the value and a priority of individuals who want to advance in their life and dream. Another dumb religious statement is: “God helps those who help themselves.” People say this lie like it’s Biblical, and it’s not! This is the perfect excuse not to be involved with people. And while there is merit in doing something on your own, NO God-given dream is ever reached alone.

There are 2 life-altering concepts that I’m interjecting.  

Who are you accountable to? Who is your Master?

Master. I like this word. It suggests that you would have to obey. Americans don’t know anything about this. We elect our leadership.  Black people everywhere would shoot me if I even implied that Trump be a king.  But “Kingdom” is a word used by God. The King of this Kingdom desires that each citizen accomplish His dream for their lives. You will never reach God’s dream for your life alone.  Our God-given nature is to be interdependent – not codependent.  This ASSumes that you’d actually have to be butNaked before someone who has taken the responsibility over you to give what is required to reach the dream.  You would have to bare your soul in order to receive effective motivation, wisdom and true accountability to make your dreams a reality.

Who is accountable to you? Who is your grasshopper?

Grasshopper: ancient Asian media-spawned colloquialism that suggests that a bug is at the bottom of the totem pole in the school of learning. (I used to love watching Saturday afternoon karate movies on TBS) The serious student doesn’t mind starting on the bottom of a shoe.  However, a Master doesn’t know how effective he is until his student’s student becomes a teacher. (read that again) If your dream stops with you, it is NOT from God.  

This one thing is true about being a Biblical Christian. As long as you are alive you can choose to change. One of the most difficult things that I decided to do is to be vulnerable enough to ask for help.  It was difficult because I had to admit what I don’t know. And as dope as I know I am, even I can go no further than I am pushed.  In fact, I am so dope because I am a product of those who have invested in me.  Big-Ups to Flynn and Carolyn Johnson, Pastors Cesar and Claudia Castellanos, Bishop Oriel and Geraldine Ballano, Dennis and Jan Peacocke, Uncle David Johnson, Helena Barrington, Margaret Weaver and Ingrid Pickett to name a few. I hope to make you proud. There are so many other BIG things that I want to accomplish even as I embark on the second half of my life.  No plan “b.”  Failure is not an option.  Therefore, I have decided to be a Master’s Dream.