iambutNaked Was Born

How’s this for a bit of a remix...?

One oddly warm day Truth went down to a stream, undressed, neatly folded that day’s snazzy outfit, carefully placed it near the stream and went for a cool refreshing swim.  While Truth was swimming, a Lie came along, undressed, threw its clothes to the ground and stole the garments that belonged to Truth. A Lie dressed itself in Truth‘s garments and paraded itself through the streets of the city dressed as Truth. When the people encountered a Lie they were thoroughly impressed. A Lie was so splendid and beautiful it looked and sounded wonderful. 

Truth got out of the stream refreshed and rejuvenated. He searched for the clothes that were neatly folded by the edge of the stream and saw a Lie’s clothes strewed in their place. So, Truth marched straight to a Lie to confront it with staunch admonition!  “Why did you steal my clothes?” To which a Lie responded, “I didn’t steal your clothes!” “But you’re wearing them right now!” The Truth rebutted. A Lie persisted, “These are not your clothes! I never stole your clothes! These are mine! I saw a neatly folded, snazzy outfit by the stream. I took it and put it on!  It’s a little big, but I thought it looked good on me, right people?” Truth paused and began to walk away. 

Right then and there the people knew that part of the Truth is a whole lie. They ask Truth why doesn’t He get his clothes back. To which He responded I’d rather be butNaked...

When I went to Spelman the first class that I was required to take was African Diaspora and the World, affectionately known as ADW. It was diabolical semester. By the end of every class I was thoroughly annoyed. Under the guise of educating African American, impressionable women about their heritage it subtlety dichotomized EVERYTHING - black and white; young and old; men and women to name a few. I would always write two sets of notes - one set for the class so that I could regurgitate what was required and another set of notes down the outside margin of the page. The outside margin of notes I’d take to my father and get answers to questions that I couldn’t answer myself. I mean I knew that what was being taught was a subliminally evil way to perpetuate a stream of thought that attempted to indoctrinate us into believing that ideas such as feminism and black pride are belief systems that we should adopt.  I felt that those partial truths were whole lies; however I could not articulate why or how. Those were the best conversations! My father taught me to make decisions based from Biblical presuppositions and therefore think critically of everything that I am taught, told or see. To this day, I won’t watch a movie see a commercial or read shirt without answering the question, “What is it selling me?” This inspired me to develope an underground newsletter where I took Biblical Truth and applied it to the weekly bill of lies without Christianese. I called my little one-page newsletter butNaked. (Shot out to Jody Mayfeild and James Cole) Whatever annoyed me I exposed the lie and passed it out on campus. In the corner was a picture of a naked man walking away. (BigUps to the late Robbie Jones) Crazy! 

But it made me think. How many more Christians are ill-equipped to answer the hard questions; or are unable to effectively participate in the current social conversation because they just don’t know that Truth is a Person, not a point on a page. How many people are blindly accepting social and political ideas just because it’s an ethnic tradition? How many people are using Christianity as a pacifier instead of actually living God’s dream for their lives. When I started my relationship with that Truth - Jesus Christ, I discovered by how much of the lie that I was impressed and fooled. It’s been 15 years that this idea has been incubating. Now it’s time for me to discontinue keeping it to myself and the relatively small group that I influence. 

This blog will serve as your weekly dose of challenge to change. I will confront your thoughts to test your heart - see if u can hang.  I will expose the lies and reveal God’s heart about who He says we are and therefore how we should behave both in the privacy of our thoughts and in the public square. I will do this by being transparent about my own difficulties, however embarrassing; and share how I used Biblical presuppositions to find livable answers. 

I’m Tifiny and iambutNaked...

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