Yul Crawford – my big bro and a Prophetic JUGGERNAUT said and I remix:

 People of lower class work for a paycheck.

 People of middle class work for retirement.

 “JUGGERNAUTS” work to leave a legacy.

 It would seem that the American dream would be to get a decent job and work just long enough to retire as close to age 65 as possible. Yet the more and more I come into contact with older people doing menial jobs like working at fast food restaurants and washing cars the more I believe that the American dream just might be a fantasy.

 No shade, but, when I’m 65 I’ll still be working; but I’ll be working because “retired” is not a Biblical word. And whatever I’m doing, the nature of it’ll be because I have a generation of people who need to continue with the foundation that I’m laying down.

 As I am building this type of life for myself I am reminded of a person in the Bible that I talked about a few weeks ago – Noah. God gave him an assignment. Ironically, this assignment was impossible. 1. Because it had never been done before. 2. Because Noah did not have the materials needed in order to accomplish it. 3. Because Noah would have to be taught a few things that no one on Earth could teach him. BUT NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD.

 This is how I feel in this phase of my life right NOW! The Lord is asking me to set up my life for something that has not been done before. And I’m GAME! But, I’m nervous. It’s requiring me to trust God like I’ve never done before. Not even my parents can bail me out of facing the fears of dominating my life’s feat.

 Dominion is a word that the Lord and I had a conversation about this morning in my devotions. When He created Adam and Eve, He put Dominion in their DNA. It was when they stopped  behaving like the CreatOR and started behaving like the CreaTION, that they disqualified themselves and were doomed to be subject to creaTION by being forced to struggle and strive for minuscule results. Sound like you, your job or your current career? If this is you, you are under or are being subjected to a curse. A curse is a solemn utterance or an invitation intended to invoke a supernatural power to inflict harm or punishment on you.

 Now listen. Work is NOT a 4-letter word. I graduated as an English Major from Spelman College, I know these things. (LOL) 4-Lettered/curse words are meant to spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally cause you harm, injury, toil, struggle, AND strife. If you are a BELIEVER-a CHRISTIAN, and your job or your career is causing you to experience this type of life, then you are living BENEATH the intended adventure that Christ died to ensure that you would not have to experience. And, you are doing this ALL WRONG.

 IF you want to be a JUGGERNAUT in all aspects of your life – especially the part that you literally spend most of your time, your career; then you had better divinely reinvent yourself. Adam’s curse was that he’d be relegated to work from the sweat of his struggle instead of the ease of his talents and gifts. God created him to rule. But, he decided to be ruled…

 So…what must we do? Well, let’s get butNaked!

 First. We must REPENT for wasting the powerful effect of the Blood of Jesus. Self-doubt is the most ugly sin. I believe it’s the ugliest because it calls the Lord a liar. How dare we have the audacity to hold our bad, insecure, inferior, fearful opinion higher than the Lord designed us to think – especially when our opinion is the lie.

 Two. WAKE UP AND PAY ATTENTION. The things for which you are naturally gifted are the things that you should be monetizing.  These things are clues to your own personal superpowers. (Thanks Marshawn Daniels)

 Three. You need help! God’s plan for your life will never be a complete success without a team.

 Four.  Join me on November 17th, 9A-2P at my JUGGERNAUT(L)ife Event. You’re gonna receive everything you need to end THIS year AND begin 2019 with the momentum needed to start the JUGGERNAUTLife the Lord intended you to live. I dare you to get butNaked.

 I’m Tifiny and iambutNaked…


Tifiny Johnson