JUGGERNAUTS Roll....with the punches

I don’t really get why my Mom refuses to watch a blood & guts movie but loves UFC. I’m confused (lol). But what’s cool about it is that my Dad loves blood and guts. Over the years I’ve come to learn that it’s part of his process to unwind from the pressures of his job. If I think too hard, that one can be even more confusing – being that he’s a Pastor. (or maybe not…) Either way, this family dynamic was great for me because my Dad needs a movie partner. I grew up with the 90’s greats: Bruce Lee, Bruce Li, Rambo, Schwarzenegger, Wesley Snipes and Steven Seagal. Although I always felt like he runs like a girl, one of my favorites is Steven Seagal. His fighting style was the best. He was the king of using the energy of his opponent against them and an expert at rolling with the punches.

Rolling with the punches requires quick eyes and even faster second-nature responses. It’s the ability to take a punch and choose where it will land. Even if the punch happens to connect, rolling with the punch steals the power away from the hit by movement with and then away from the punch – google it. This is a very important skill for a fighter, because in a fight punches never stop coming. It’s stupid for a fighter to hope so. Besides, there’s no winner in a fight where punches aren’t thrown. No fighter is made better by only concentrating on avoiding punches. There are some opponents who are just smarter, faster and more powerful. But, if a great fighter can roll with the punches, it buys them time by wearing out their opponent, because lots of energy has been wasted. Also, this skill puts the fighter in perfect position for a knockout power punch.

 Weak Christians are always looking for a way out of the fight. They waste prayer on pleading with the Lord to take them out of the fight. The punches of life can feel a bit overwhelming most of the time – and especially around the holidays. What is supposed to be the happiest time of the year can often seem like the most depressing. Wishing to get out of the fight is a futile waste of time.

 Check me! Mark, the apostle whom I have a lot to learn about tells the tale of when Jesus walked on the water. Mark 6 to be exact. (read the story) There’s a verse that  stunned me like a surprise punch to the gut. Mark 6:48 says, and I quote! “Seeing them straining at the oars, for the wind was against them, at about the fourth watch of the night He came to them, walking on the sea; and He intended to pass by them.” Jesus intended to do WHAT?!?! To pass them by! To pass them by? Yes. To pass them by! I’m sure Mark looked at that joker and was like – “HEY! Don’t you see us over here struggling? You out there surfing in the wind, glowing like a glow stick and watching us struggle like we’re just havin fun in this life-threatening squall? You can’t help a brother out – Oh Son of God, King of Kings, Ruler of the Universe! Why don’t you speak to this storm and give me peace?!?!

 In the few times that Jesus said “you of little faith,” (which was most times in a storm), I always took that like He was thoroughly annoyed; because He spent His whole time with them proving who He was and what He was capable of. And that “little faith” comment was Jesus rolling His eyes. But, I guess He knew that He was training them for hardship that no man can stand without him. He was preparing them for when He could not be seen. He was coaching them with strength exercises because he knew that the fight only gets more intense the closer the dream gets. He knew there was more than winds and rains on the other side. There would be a lifetime of challenges that they needed a reference to remember to provide faith that the other side was even possible.

 If you are going to be a JUGGERNAUT, you’re going to have to learn how to roll with the punches because the punches are not going to stop! In fact, Jesus is watching, walking and coming to meet you. His intention is NOT to make you happy. Although following Jesus is the greatest adventure a person could EVER undertake, Jesus’ greatest intention is that you are strong.

 Funny, according to Nehemiah 8:10 –all you have to do is make Him happy…

 I am Tifiny and iambutNaked…

Tifiny Johnson