EVERY SINGLE display of media, be it social or commercial, is specifically designed to sell you something. My father took the painstaking effort to prepare us by asking a fateful question after every movie we watched. It was a game we played on the way home. But, in actuality he was, “preparing us for his death.” (T’Chaka – dead Wakandian) The question he asked us was, “What was it trying to sell us?”  You should do this as an exercise as you waste your life scrolling through Instagram or Facebook. I bet your thumb can bench press 100 pounds. (LOL)

I could write about the stunning and healthy juxtaposition of botanicals and technology or I could give a discourse on how technology has always been depicted as being in competition with the creativity and power of God; or how it’s from God. I may express my excitement of final relief that a movie that glorifies the dark beauty of sun-kissed skin was filmed or I could lament about the feminist‘s (which I’m not) victory of women portrayed as strong, agile and as soldiering as men. I could preach about my disgust for the abomination of ancestral worship or I could argue about the full circle idea that movies about Blacks always seems to come back to black on black crime. I could talk about how the movie touched on my only apprehension about getting married. This being that I’d have to choose between my personal convictions regarding my purpose and merging that with a man who’s life and cause could be so big that it might drown out mine. This in itself could cause women to wonder about choosing marriage or their own path that would be too big for marriage. (watch for this idea which was resolved at the end)

For me, it all came down to the moment when Okoye, the king’s general, with the fierce wielding of her spear, stood up to her love, W’kabi, as he had the audacity to ask her if she would dare to kill him and side with the existence of the Kingdom of Wakanda and it’s beloved regime. In that moment, her eyes became an extension of her spear and the fatal answer to his question. If he persisted to cross her, he would be dead.

Here’s my question.  Do you feel this way about the Kingdom of God?  I think it’s one thing to be willing to die for God. No one wants to die. But Christians know in the moment that you do, you’ll be in heaven. And all of the pain and anguish of this world will be obliterated – for you. This is why the question of “destiny” (what happens after death) is so important. But are you willing to LIVE for God? Are you willing to risk ALL that you love in order to have the Kingdom of God established in your world? I don’t know if you get it, but THIS IS the POINT of BEING a CHRISTIAN – NOT just that you get to go to heaven. Are you spending your life sharing the resources and riches that the privilege of being a Kingdom citizen has freely been afforded to you? Or are you only worried about what blessings you need, meandering through life with the blissful ignorance of your dying friends, going to church every Sunday to appease your conscience, worshipping to popular, CCM, Gospel or a mash-up of Biblical music, saying a quick prayer before you eat, all while never really helping others have a daily dynamic relationship with Christ that is so deep that they are compelled to persuade others to have the same. And, yes, I’m aware of the massive RUNON sentence that was.  But has that been the essence of your Christian life? Our society is proof of your answer.

The truth about Wakanda is that it’s a prototype of Christianity. It’s a safely hidden-in-plain sight city that has the answer to all, for all cultures.  But, the leaders have been unwilling or unable to multiply it in a way that revolutionizes life as we know it. And because their humanity was allowed to corrupt the power and/or influence that they had, it affected the effectiveness of the Kingdom of God. Therefore proven by what T’Challa’s father said, “It is difficult for good men to rule.” I believe that part of that difficulty comes when those men are conflicted in their character and aren’t truly ruled by the true King of kings. 

I’m all about raising a generation of men and women who are so inundated by the Kingdom of God that they thrive in a society that is inherently against them. They do so by unrelentingly loving like the King, and unconditionally forgiving like the King and caringly discipling like the King, and exponentially multiplying a multilevel generation like the King.

We are supposed to be a “city on a hill,” not a well hidden-in-plain-sight secret. We need to quit watching defensively from the shadows. It’s time for Biblical Christians (as my friend Justin Giboney calls us) to live in society as citizens of the Kingdom of God in such a way that the perpetuators of the problems of our world have no choice but to seek the real answers from the one and only source left here by the true King of Kings, Jesus Christ. If you haven’t figured it out yet, that means YOU! Jesus has done what he was supposed to do. He’s chillin at the right had of His father, waiting on us, His scepter, to make the enemy His footstool. (Psalm 110) His death, burial and resurrection insure the absolute success of those of us who will take responsibility for the dreams that He put in our hearts. This is how we can stop being holograms in culture and start revolutionizing every jurisdiction of civilization. It’s the reality of those dreams that are the answers to the biggest questions and problems of our nations who are dying and going to hell. And it’s our fault!

I’m Tifiiny and iambutNaked…

Tifiny Johnson