Enter Vibranium

Enter Vibranium. In the movie it is listed as a substance that comes from outer space in the form of meteor that hits the continent of Africa.  Upon contact with earth it created a botanical reaction with the plant life throughout the vicinity of the meteor. This caused every living organism that came into its contact, be it plant or person, to have supernatural strength.  Those of Wakandian descent, who for several generations, were privy to the effects of Vibranium were therefore able to exponentially heighten the particular ability with which they were born. In short, this is how the people of Wakanda were able to undertake superhumanly amazing feats.

I know that this was just a brilliantly told fictional tale of a Marvel hero. I assure you that I’m not delusional – I’m just a fan.  However, track with me. I see the Vibranium as the anointing. The anointing is the presence of God that rests on all Kingdom citizens who decide to obey the King and participate is His purpose for culture.  It is reserved for those of us who will have the gonadonal fortitude (my own word for balls) to truly be Christ-like instead of true to self, stand out instead of fitting in, and be purpose driven instead of pleasure driven – and this in a society that is spending billions of dollars to get us to value humanity over Christ-centeredness. When we, Biblical Christians, decide to truly participate with Christ to establish His Kingdom in our culture we will find that our humanity will be superceded by a daily ability to not only conquer sin, (which most Christians have relegated their Christian walk to) but also dominate, multiply and rule the jurisdiction of culture where we have been assigned.

The truth of the matter is that we exist in the middle of a magnificent war. It is a spiritual clad that is superimposed upon all jurisdictions of civilization. Inherent in culture is a slick polarization set against Christianity. It’s a battle for the souls of men. Everyday we participate, both consciously and unconsciously in a conflict that is built into this wonderful occasion called “life.” Whether you like it or not, whether you are aware or not, you are at war with a supernatural power that is trying its best to kill your life, steal your dreams and destroy Christ’s legacy. This battle is fought on the field of each of the Seven Mountains of culture.  The idea is that the Church Mountain, is responsible to demonstrate the Biblical standard and is the training hub to send soldiers into the other 6 mountains of culture to infiltrate and snatch back territory for the Kingdom of God and therefore planting a Christian flag atop each mountain of society. (But, we are still separated by denominations, so we’ve got a lot of work to do – but I digress) Something is brewing! The power of Satan has influenced our society to literally monetize darkness. This is the perfect setup for the light to shine.  However, if Christians are only worried about membership to churches and not their effect within their occupation of call (not of choice) we will be as insignificantly ineffective as bringing a knife to a gunfight.

When we no longer separate Biblical values from political matters we will know that Government Mountain is being taken for the Kingdom of God. When money is not the central focus, yet the direct outcome of your business we will know that the Business Mountain is giving way to the establishment of the Christ’s Kingdom. When there is a student-run Christian club in every public high school we will know that the Education Mountain is being won. When the definition of family no longer legally reflects personal pleasure rather than God’s original intent we will know that the Family Mountain is being conquered for God. When the blatant and subversive sexual agenda of the social and commercial media is exposed as the strategy to control all of humanity we will know that the Media Mountain is crumbling before the Lordship of Jesus Christ. When television shows that are Christian in content, are no longer known for their low budget, irrelevance and are aired on prime time TV along side or instead of the Shonda Rhimes regime we will know that the Kingdom of God is ruling the Art mountain.

We, the citizens of the Kingdom have the deep and deadly responsibility to work and live to this end. It’s time for us to stop living like life is about arriving safely at death.  Christ didn’t die to keep you safe; He died to make us dangerous. (Thanks Mark Batterson) The only way that we are trusted with the anointing to complete this mission is to decide to rid ourselves of anything that would keep us from obeying our King no matter the social and cultural repercussions. And I realize that this puts us in harms way. But, what’s the alternative? To sit back and watch while our mortal enemy rules a world where our children will be slaves? My Mom said it’s ok to tell hell NAW! iaintgonnabeabletodoit! Yet, the interesting thing is that this is impossible to do alone. We must do it together! Your gifts and mine combined produce a powerful weapon in the King’s hand. We are the scepter that makes His enemy a footstool (Ps 110).

So take of the heart-shaped fruit and be careful not to use it selfishly. If you do so, it will poison you; and you will destroy your witness. However, as soon as the motives for the realization of your dreams focus on the establishment of God’s Kingdom, you will find superhuman strength to do exactly what He created you to accomplish – one soul, one family at a time. Therefore we must take painstaking, disciplined, and personal responsibility to mature in such a way to steward vibranium so that the Kingdom of God can be establishing in our culture in a way that the Lord Jesus Christ is glorified! #wakandaforever

I’m Tifiny and iambutNaked…

Tifiny Johnson