Biggie & Faith, Jay-Z & Beyonce, Kanye & Kim, Jermaine Dupree & Janet Jackson. I’ve always wondered how the ugliest dudes get the most beautiful women. However gorgeous, I think that these women are soul-challenged. Yet the media has depicted their beauty as an overshadowing of their flaws. Nevertheless, I am compelled to ask this question: how did those fugly dudes snag such gorgeous women? I believe I have the answer.

Confidence is sexy on anyone!

Think about it. When a person who is confident walks in anywhere, they shine. Shine is when you embrace the wonderful that God inherently placed in you at conception. And it never leaves, however, it can be hidden.  Sin, pain, shame, guilt, negativity all act as umbrellas to your shine.  You must decide to realize that your Shine is yours. No situation, nor any person can take it unless you give it to them by refusing to repent or forgive. Once you have your own personal epiphany regarding your Shine, you will begin to behave as if the power of it is what opens every opportunity so that your dream life can be a reality. This is the moment that you begin to live your best life.

I first started developing my Shine about 7 years after my husband texted me and walked away. My relationship with God, my disciple/disciplor responsibilities and my job were probably what saved my life. I was quietly depressed, almost suicidal, and no one knew it.  I was almost 300 pounds.  I was very sick. And I didn’t see a way out. I was forced to stay in the hospital for 4 nights because of an abscess on my toe, which they were threatening to take. My A1C was in the 1300’s. It was only a miracle from the very hand of God that I didn’t have a stroke and/or a heart attack. I knew when I was terribly frightened by a CSI episode where the un-sub was a man who was biting the toes off of his victims, that I was desperate for a change in my life. (LOL) The Lord gave me the opportunity to be a part of a study that paid me to strategically and urgently get my glucose levels back to normal. While I was alone in the hospital I was convicted that the results of my depressed, sick, hopeless existence was my fault because I had allowed my shine to be overshadowed by my unhealed pain.

The strong redemptive power of the Lord Jesus Christ demanded my attentive responsibility for the bright light that He placed inside of me. It requires me to Shine regardless of the challenges that I have endured. In that moment, which lamented about a year, the dark night of my soul was arrested by the Son who Shines brighter than my anguish. The Son was given room to Shine in my life. I was inspired by the sun that, now rises at my window every morning. This is a perfect time to share it. (Please tell me what you think – but be nice. Cuz in the words of Erykah Badu I’m sensitive about me $&%@)

Born of virgin blood and yellow lit galaxy

Breathing horizons in millennial consistency

Feeding all that lives, moves and breaths

Breaking dark light years before it’s seen

The brightest of stars in all my years

It dies at dusk alone despite of fears

Just to resurrect in Eastern indigo

Proving stunning glow inside my soul

Clearing paths towards my dreams

Leading me to keep the Father pleased

Begging me to follow its paths of faith

That what was once dead will rise again

All of that to say that Shine comes from accepting God’s intention regarding your life and rejecting the consequences of your bad decision as the finality of your destiny.  It is when you can actually embrace the truth of your God-defined identity and therefore behave as if it is your reality, do you Shine like the Son that has risen from the dead.

I’m Tifiny and iambutNaked…

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