Think about it…Whoever controls the language, controls the culture. For example the word “dope,” a nickname for dopamine, which is a biochemical transmitter that regulates emotion and movement. In the 1960’s and 70’s “dope” became slang for an illegal drug. Now, “dope” is expressed as an adjective to explain that something is fashionable or favorable. It’s so interesting how language evolves and there is great war over definitions. Hence, Roe vs. Wade, where the word “fetus” was the new definition of a baby in the stages of conception until the first trimester. This was how the court was able to justify making abortion legal. It’s vital to watch how and why language evolves. What we find is that language is made of ideas in the form of sentences.  Sentences are the result of the cinergy between words. Words are the sum of letters. In order to have God-commissioned influence over the jurisdictions of culture, we must master the use and properties of language. At least…that’s what I feel about my life.

I welcome the immense pressure of being a thought leader in my generation. Therefore, I’d like for you to consider one extremely humongous 2-letter word. The word is IF. (thx Mark Batterson) THIS is a POWERFUL word. It has the force to cut you down OR it can be the very sweet breath of life.

IF seems like such a small word. But it’s very involved. Here’s a little English lesson. IF is a conjunction. A conjunction serves as a connection between words, phrases and ideas. IF means in case that; supposing that; on condition that. It’s a word that expressed conditions in the sense of having prerequisites. Now that you’ve had a sufficient grammar lesson we can get on with the butNaked point.

There is only one prerequisite that I’d like for you to consider regarding the word IF. That IF is CHRIST. CHRIST is the juxtaposition that will be the difference between your “IF” being “IF only” vs. “what IF.” Take a sec and think about it…”IF only” vs. “what IF

If Jesus didn’t choose to come to earth, he would not have fulfilled the requirement of the law that demands death as a consequence of sin – the damning eternal separation from God being the worse of all consequences (Rom 6:23). Without this factual historical event there would be no hope for your “IF only” to become a “what IF.” Everyone thinks about the “IF only’s” that life brings as a result of our own dumb or good decisions or the consequences of other’s sin.

IF only:

·     I were married or single

·     I were younger or older

·     I had a degree

·     I had children; I didn’t

·     I were white

·     I grew up with a father

·     My mother wasn’t so harsh

·     He had a better job

·     She would cook

The list goes on and on. I could use my whole blogspot to list the “IF only’s” of the world. And I’m sure the difficult facts of our life have not been trivial – far from it. I’m sure that some of them have been super traumatic. However, the truth is that CHRIST came to turn your “IF only’s” into “what IF’s.” There is nothing you can do about your “IF only’s.” This realization can make life pretty dismal. So what do we do?

Enter JESUS tortured, murdered and buried. Then CHRIST risen from the dead.

April 1 we celebrated the resurrection of CHRIST. While I have been deeply impacted by the death and the burial of JESUS CHRIST, I am even more compelled by His RESURRECTION. I sure have had my fare share of “IF only’s” in my life. IF only I were married by now; IF only I had children by now; IF only I started blogging before now. It was depressing watching my family and friends experience the joys of my dreams.  But, IF I have decided to live as IF Jesus is my Lord, then I’m suffice to wait patiently for my Lord and King to grant my dreams. Til then, what the heck do I do!? I can live as IF my “IF only’s” are the finalities of my life. Or I can live as IF CHRIST’S achieved purpose is the guarantee that I will have a fulfilling life. Therefore, I can peacefully and enthusiastically exist in the realm of possibility while making the best of my “right now.”

It may take some time to discover your “what IF’s.” Hope in CHRIST is the only way to do it effectively.  What you will find is a new commission to accomplish your purpose while you wait for the Lord to answer your prayer. You will discover love that will persuade you to be involved with others in a way that causes them to realize their “what IF’s.” You will possess peace, which is not the absence of challenges, but the victory in every single one of your problems. And you will be inspired to activate faith to receive every promise in the Word of God.

Your choice: “IF only” OR “WHAT IF.”

I’m Tifiny and iambutNaked…and that’s dope!


Tifiny Johnson