Now I See

Did you know that if you cover a newborn’s eyes for the first 3 months after birth they will be blind for life? They are born legally blind (20/200) and there are synapses that don’t develop until 3 to 18 months after birth. And if unused the body sees no use of developing the connections between the optic nerve and the visual cortex. If this happens there will not be a cognitive category for anything that everyone else sees. You may talk about an orange sunset but they will grow up not being able to even imagine this language. There are over a billion muscles that move and cause the eye to see every second. When someone cannot see, it means that the optic nerve and the visual cortex are underdeveloped or damaged. There are synapses that enable the eye to see and then interpret what is seen.  This is how you are able to determine a house from an apple. This pathway is nothing short of a miracle. When the Bible says in Proverbs 20:12 that “…eyes that see – the Lord has made them…”, it reads as such an understatement! And yet there is a Greater eye than the human eye. Jehovah Roi – the God who sees has a perspective on your life that is infinite.  He sees all and knows all there is to see and know. Our American founding fathers nicknamed Him the Eye of Providence. They deemed it so specifically important to our history that they had a rendition of the “eye’s” likeness printed on the almighty dollar.  Contrary to what certain conspiracy theorist have tried to sell you, history will tell you that the “eye” on the dollar is representative of our country’s connection to Jehovah Roi, the God who sees.  To Him there is no here or there, no past, present nor future. He IS the OMNISCIENT, OMNIPRESENT ONE who just doesn’t exist, but who is intimately involved with every detail of your life – down to the number of hairs on your head. Wow! 

Now, let’s mix the 2 ideas - your ability to see with God’s ability to see and be involved in your life. If you have grown up without the cognitive category for the miraculous then you are at a gross disadvantage; hopelessly chained to the human reality that your brain logically makes sense of – and nothing more. Therefore, if it doesn’t make sense to you, you either dismiss it, or you miss out on what can transcend humanity. The only way to experience this way of life is to live a life of faith in Jehovah Roi.

Your faith is the determining factor that proves to you that life is only what your senses can understand OR that there is a world that exists beyond the 5 senses. Faith is the interweaving of that world and this. However, without the existence of Jehovah Roi you have no cognitive category for change. You are doomed to live without hope for a difference in your life and are incapable of exercising what it would take to live the adventure that God created us to experience.

I am a 43 year-old single woman who wants to bear children naturally within the confines of holy matrimony. And while there are plenty of Biblical and 21-century testimonies of women who have bore healthy children beyond my age, it doesn’t really hit you until some pessimistic doctor (under the guise of being medically logical) tells you that it’s impossible for you to have children.  These are the moments that call to question what you believe – what you truly know in your knower. I knew what she was going to say! So, I had made the decision to have a parallel FAITHFILLED inner-conversation so as to block out all the word curses spoken by people in authority. As I wrote in last week’s post, words are Powerful. Thank Jehovah Roi that faith has little to do with what you feel, and everything to do with what you know. Because, while I’d like to say that my emotion was chipper when I walked out of the doctor’s office yesterday. I can’t.  I was quiet. Quietly I decided to remember the words from the Lord that has been recently spoken to me. Those words are what fill all the cognitive corridors of my mind and have become weapons with which I fight for God’s dream for my life. Otherwise, I’m doomed to die alone and iaintgonnabeabletodoit! Therefore, I live by faith and NOT by sight…

I’m Tifiny and iambutNaked…


Tifiny Johnson