Smelling Yourself

When I was a teenager my best friends were my brother, and my cousins. The 4 of us grew up together. We even went to the same schools until we were in high school and I was the only girl. As boys will be boys, it was most annoying when they would fart and they seem to do it all the fricken time! If there’s anything that will piss you off, it was when they farted. Literally, anger, not just disgust would take over your emotions. DJ was the oldest, so he was the one who did the driving. He’d fart and lock the windows - Oh my god! Violent infuriation would consume you along with the suffocating aroma from the pink part of his ass (cuz nothing that nasty comes from a mere butt). Horrible. But when I had surgery and my body started changing, one of the side effects was horrific gas. I mean, I know my friends love me because they put up with the fowl, deathly, gaseous blows that bust them square in the nose everyday. I can hardly take the smell myself. Occasionally I will catch myself give a reactive cough to the stink of my own butt. But Lola, my late great grandma taught me that there’s more room out than there is in and I live by this holy proverb. (LOL) Besides flatulence is a part of humanity. 

Smelling, especially something nasty, will make you wish you didn’t have a nose. It is the organ of smell and a main passageway for air into and out of the lungs. The nose warms, moistens, and cleans air before it enters the lungs. Odors travel through the air on molecules that stimulate receptors in the nose. The senses of smell and taste are directly related because they both use the same types of receptors. 80% of taste is smell. However, when effected by the 6th sense (#getcaughtup) the nose becomes bionic. The simple ability to smell morphs into the ability to discern. And when discernment is not used properly, it can result in unnecessary self doubt and hesitancy that ultimately disrespects the Lord’s choice. 

Enter Gideon in Judges 6. He was the least of his family, at least that was his view of himself. So, when the Lord came to him to deliver his calling and specific instructions on how to carry it out, he annoyingly didn’t use the God-given sense of discernment that he didn’t even have to use because God did not speak to him in code. While most read this story as a lesson on how to hear the voice of God, what I see is how having personal insecurities will cause you to doubt the explicit instructions from the Lord and the under use of the sense of discernment. I think Gideon was smelling himself. Usually when this colloquialism is used, it is for people who are severely arrogant. I believe that’s what Christians with insecurities do - they are smelling themselves. They must be! And they stank! There’s no way that the way you feel about yourself should trump what God says about you. When your behavior depicts that your view is more or less than what the Lord Jesus Christ ordained you to be, you are smelling yourself. 4 times!… 4 TIMES Gideon asked the Lord to confirm what He said to him. 4 times he asked the Lord to build his confidence before he was actually obedient. And 4 times the Lord of Heaven stooped down to Gideon’s humanity and answered his vacillation. I see it as a waste of God’s time to require God to do so much after he was clear in His instructions. It also speaks to the compassion of God to get His perfect work done through imperfect people. However,  I’m annoyed by people who doubt God after he already gave you a command AND instructions AND insured the results. Stop asking God questions! He already gave you the answer. Now, the work is on you! And just like natural taste is controlled 80% by the ability to smell; each sense effects the other. It’s no different in the Spirit. Supernaturally, the sense of smell or discernment affects the sense of hearing the voice of God. No shade - but I say, sign language is for deaf people!

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Tifiny Johnson