Taste & See

I can’t stand to see those pics on IG that have women with their tongues hanging all the way out like their standing in front of a naughty doctor. It’s nasty. It seems like such an embarrassingly gross use of one of the most strongest muscles of the body. And while that strength has nothing to do with the physical ability of the body, the Word of God says that the tongue has the power to kill or give life. However strong, the tongue belongs behind the teeth.

The tongue is much more than a muscle. It is a muscular organ that is responsible for jumpstarting the digestive process by guiding and molding food through assisting the teeth and perceiving taste and texture. It is also used for shaping words that come from the mouth and of course, (my personal favorite) kissing. I can’t wait to have my last first kiss. But I digress.

Ruth’s Chris. STK. Bones. Fogo de Chao. These are some of the most popular steak houses in my city – The Great City of Atlanta, Georgia. None of these that claim to be the best have anything on Stony River’s ribeye. It’s marinated overnight in olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper and rosemary - 4 simple ingredients that will literally change your fricken life. The whole steakhouse is so dope, salt and pepper aren’t even on the table. And they have so much confidence and class that if the temperature isn’t to your liking perfectly, they give you a free one.

But all of that doesn’t hold a candle to the stone puppies – or so I call them. A stone puppy is a perfectly imperfect circular pillow of poppy seed dough that has been deep fried so as to make it crunchy on the outside and billowy on the inside. It’s accompanied with honey butter. I mean there aren’t many more things better than honey butter.

How do I apply faith to the tongue? This would truly be a butNaked feat. But, one I’ve chosen to challenge myself with. Here it goes.

Psalm 34:8 says, “Taste and see that the Lord is good…” When the 6th sense is applied to taste it causes a multiplication of senses (#getcaughtup). Whoever heard of taste causing someone to see?

Here’s a question. Is there anything in your life that is bitter? Some synonyms for bitterness are: acrimony (pun intended toward the new Tyler Perry movie) resentment; unpleasantness; animosity; indignation. Bitterness is best felt when dealing with people. If you do not forgive, bitterness is inevitable; it is a torturer with prison doors. It would seem that the offender has the key to unlock the bitter taste from your heart, but that’s the lie. Bitterness is only unfastened when we choose to forgive. Forgiveness is divine and virtually impossible for the human soul. The only way that life becomes sweet again is if you remember how mercifully good God has been toward you. It is God’s goodness toward you when you haven’t been good that distributes the unique power to execute forgiveness when others have been hurtful. The ability to taste of this goodness provides and sustains the sweetness of life.

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