Talk about thinking long. How about 120 years ahead. 120 years to build something that had never been seen nor built before. Noah was charged to build a boat…in a desert. When taught the story of Noah and his challenge to build the ark it’s easy to overlook the creativity that was required to accomplish this miraculous feat.  It ranks as one of the largest and longest construction projects ever attempted. Noah’s instructions came directly from the Lord’s voice. The specific instructions included that the length of the boat should be the length of 1 ½ football fields. That’s 150 yards long and almost 73 feet wide. The internal space within the ark could fit 569 boxcars or 125,000 animals. To get a more specific view of the results, think about this: elephants poop 80 pounds per day; they were locked up for 40 days and 40 nights. Along with all of this, Noah had to plant the trees before he could ever begin to obey the Lord. What creative genius was required from Noah and his family. This was unprecedented! They had to be botanists, mathematicians, architects, artists, mechanical engineers, plumbers, zoologist and FULL OF FAITH.

In learning about myself in the last 5 years I have come to understand that I have even ability in my left and right brain. I am both creative and analytical, however, I am challenged by this Divine level of creativity. I am the quintessential artists but I want to create things that have never been attempted before. Noah created, not made, a boat in the desert.  It took him 120 years, 12 decades, to complete his assignment. What was his inspiration? What was the catalyst for the creativity? I know he had specific instructions, but this is not Ikea. There were no previous drawings nor was there a model. Within the verses that teach us about the famous ark, I see at least 4 very essential things that Noah possessed that fed his creativity: 1. He heard from God. 2. He wasn’t afraid to look stupid. 3. He anticipated a need. 4. He was committed to finish.

I used to think it was so lame to rewrite a secular song and make its content appropriate for church. I just wanted to be more original than that. Why is it that secular music sounds so much cooler?  And now, Christian Pop and Hip Hop are just replicas of Pop and Hip Hop music everywhere. I believe there’s a sound from heaven that hasn’t been heard here on earth yet. We just haven’t taken the time, discipline or gotten our character formed in the image of Christ enough to tap into what should be the trend. Creativity should be based first from a daily, dynamic, growing relationship with God. He was the Creator, who said, “Let there be light,” one time and galaxies are still being created.

I think it happened in middle school when the popular kids would make fun of the new girl’s shoes. We learned the value of looking like everyone else. No one wants to be the oddball and to this day the fashion industry grosses hundreds of billions of dollars to keep people looking exactly the same. It’s so bad, kids are dying over tennis shoes. Now, that’s stupid!

I’m sure people called the Wright Brothers stupid as they did death-defying gravity stunts. I bet no one is calling them stupid now. Sometimes what pop culture is calling stupid is the very thing that will save their lives one day. Stay the course, stupid!

Prophesy is the one gift that the Word of God declares that everyone should want. It’s the ability to hear from God about the future. I believe this generation is impatiently waiting for a demonstration of God’s power. What better demonstration than a product that answers a need before it ever is made apparent. Sure, it may seem stupid but you may find yourself laughing all the way to the bank one day. For example, who created the drinking straw? Some rich guy…

We, especially Americans, are so impatient. If we can’t nook it in the microwave, we’d rather just buy it. Not many people cook with a crockpot, but any good cook knows that low and slow wins the tender game. 12 decades to finish the task that God gave him to complete. Come on. He had to plant the trees, cut the trees, scale the trees, size them down to fit the design; and nail them together to build a structure that had never been conceived before. They weren’t even sure that it was going to work. Their obedience was tested by their ability to complete every task as it was dictated. If they were off by one inch, it would be over for all of life on earth. But, they were committed to finishing what God told them to do.

An exact knowable amount of years ago God said, “Let there be light,” and today the earth is still yielding the fruit of His creativity. There are 40 different American instruments. Can you name them? There are 57 shades of blue. There are 135 ethnic groups which makes for over 7 billion people and not one of them has ever and will never have the same fingerprints. There are 228,450 species of fish in the sea. There are 100 billion galaxies. And yet, there are only 2 genders. Bananas! This is the God that we serve. Instead of doing our best to get to heaven, maybe we should quit rejecting heaven from coming here on earth by squashing the creativity that the Lord wants to show through ideas that He’d give to His people. What is it that you must create? Have you started yet?

I’m Tifiny and iambutNaked…