A couple of weeks ago I went to Nashville to meet my baby bro Matt who was there to write and record music for his own project – FINALLY! He met me at this bar that was known for its burgers.  When we chose this place we didn’t know that it was karaoke night. It was comical to say the least. The little lady – Linda who sat next to us was so precious. It was like some psychologist had given her an assignment to do something embarrassing to help her get over her fear (assigning life stories to random people – my personal hobby in practice of creating characters – LOL). She was succeeding, in the assignment at least. In her talent…not so much.  One guy had on his red zipper leathers and mirrored aviators. He was obviously a regular. By the time we were done eating, he had performed 4 times with the mildly talented live band. Every single time he went to perform, he did so as if he was a headliner in front of a crowd of thousands who had paid to see him. He would bow and throw his head down so hard that the sweat would come flying from his face onto the fries of the people in the front – Ewl. Matt was amazed at how serious these amateurs were. His mouth was gaped at the equal level of seriousness and INability of these wretched performers. He made a comment about how karaoke is supposed to be about fun and making fun of yourself. Subsequently, my baby bro (the born super star) and my best friend (the worship leader) dared me to perform. I couldn’t do it. (smh) In this day and age everything is recorded and has the potential to go viral; and come back and bite you in your career –  I couldn’t do it. Comparatively, my singing ability doesn’t pale at all. At that very moment, in my head, I had a conversation. Why couldn’t I? Why couldn’t I at least try? What opinion of myself did I hold so dear that I was afraid of damaging it?

Human nature strives against embarrassment. It feels like a major ding in our confidence. This is mainly true if confidence is based in our human ability – especially if you are creative. Creative people have a very difficult time separating between WHO they are and WHAT they do. We tend to spend our time, relationships and emotional investments highlighting our strengths and talents; yet steering clear of anything that exposes where we lack confidence. On the other hand, embarrassment keeps us humble. It acts as a spiritual antioxidant which purges the ego of prideful impurities. (Thx Mark B.) Humility may taste bad going down, but down is where confidence goes to thrive. Humility is confidence properly placed. It is vital to strip yourself butNaked of all that you believe gives true identity. If it originates in anything other than your relationship with Christ, your identity is at severe risk of being in crisis. Identity crisis is one of the main reasons why people don’t accomplish their purpose.

CONFIDENCE is the first part of my Creed. It’s first because my father taught me that I cannot do beyond what I believe about myself. It’s so easy to second guess yourself, especially if it’s something in which you’ve given yourself a bad grade. It’s much more noble and difficult to decide that what Christ says is absolutely true, is absolutely true. An even BIGGER feat is to behave, react, live and make decisions based from this truth. Anything less is called pride. Pride is to hold a lesser or a greater opinion of what Christ says is true. Please be warned, pain will teach you what pride won’t let you learn.

When I go to the doctor to get blood drawn, I like to see the pain coming. I always ask the nurse 2 questions. 1. Do you love what you do? 2. Are you good at it? If the answer is anywhere south of an unequivocal and resounding YES, I’m asking for another nurse! Tuh! Iaintgonnabeabletodoit! I don’t want anyone poking around on my veins who isn’t good. Confidence in self makes others confident in you. And I hear the temptation of you who don’t want to be arrogant. Don’t worry. There is a perfect remedy. The thin line between confidence and arrogance is GENEROSITY. Which is why the next part of my Creed is COMPASSION.

I’m Tifiny and iambutNaked…

Tifiny Johnson