I must confess. I have a guilty pleasure. It’s swiping left and right on free dating apps. I feel like it’s the perfect place to be as shallow as real life will not allow. If I can imagine myself kissing him I swipe right, if I can’t, I swipe left. I’m sure the pleasure is based in Simon Sinek’s named addiction of seeing that someone “likes” me. I honestly hold no real hope in these apps. Nothing substantial has come of it but my innate sense of studying people, including myself. One of the most popular questions this year has been, “What’s your sign?” And frankly, I’m a-fricken-nnoyed. I’ve always had a disdain for astrology, it leaves no room for people to have the ability or right to change. Also, astrologers live by “just a little enough of the truth” to be a whole lie. For example, I was surprised to see how much of what is defined as “Pisces” is true of my personality.


·     Date Range: February 19-March 20

·     Strengths: Compassion. Artistic. Intuitive. Gentle. Wise. Musical.

·     Weaknesses: Fearful. Overly trusting. Sad. Desire to escape reality. Can be a victim or a                  martyr.

·     Pisces like: Being alone. Sleeping. Music. Romance. Visual media. Swimming. Spiritual themes.

·     Pisces dislikes: Know-it-all, being criticized. The past coming back to haunt. Cruelty of any            kind

I would say that most of this is true of my personality. How could a zodiac sign tell me about God’s creation? The Word of God is explicit against prognosticators in Isaiah 47:13-15. I am compelled to be sure of what I believe and how I will apply this knowledge. The simple Truth is found in the difference between true facts vs. Truth. They can be staunchly different. While the facts about Pisces has been true in my life, it is not a measure nor a determination of my future. Remember in Exodus 7:8-13 when Moses threw down his stick in Pharaoh’s court and it became a snake? Pharaoh’s answer was to simply call his sorcerers who threw their sticks down and theirs did the same thing - became snakes. What do we learn? Satan has power too. However, the end of the story is that Moses’ snake ate the other two snakes. What do we learn? God’s power REIGNS SUPREME! Any other source other than the one true holder of all power is doomed to end in gloom.

The Lord Jesus Christ has given destiny into our hands as a decision to make. That decision is based in which source I depend. I choose not to lay the responsibility of my future on the insecurity of the transient gaseous puff of light. Iaintgonnabeabletodoit! The butNaked point? The fact that bothered me was that one of my weaknesses is sadness.

For the past 7 months I have been extremely intrigued by the subject of “JOY.” It’s a seemingly small 3-letter word that is underestimated. We learn to overlook it because it seems fleeting. I am captivated by JOY because it has seemed to allude me for far too long. Let me be clear. I know that I am in the center of what God is doing and what He has called/created me to do. And no matter how arduous it is, I absolutely LOVE it - truly. However, there are things that I have been asking the Lord for that have not been answered yet. The lack of those things is beginning to affect me in the same way that Hannah was affected in 1 Samuel 1. While I am tempted to be guilty about treating my Lord and Savior as a bellhop, which He is not, I am wondering what’s taking him so long and what should my countenance be while I wait for the answers that He promised me.

My Mom taught me how to keep pressing, trusting, moving, and doing what I know while I am patient with God.  But I am just now learning that I must give my emotions a place to be expressed, because unexpressed emotion leads to constipation. Since I am a woman, I must be careful about the expression of deep emotion. It can be dangerous if emotion is my highest indicator of Truth. Instead, this expression should result in a direct connection to engage with the Spirit of God regarding the details of your life.

My man Mark B. wrote something that stole my heart. In fact, the subject is throughout all of his books. He was talking about placing more value on collecting experiences rather than collecting things. And while he was collecting the accomplishments of his life goals, he attached a person with each goal with a sweet anticipation of DOUBLE THE JOY. Double the JOY?!?! Just the possibility of JOY period is invaluable to me. I wanna crack the joy code like Mark B. wrote in his book Grave Robber because I feel robbed. But, I gotta quit faking it. So, for the next 3 weeks I will attempt to crack this code. Although it often seems like JOY is not His priority, I truly believe that God’s ultimate plan IS JOY.