JUGGERNAUTS pray. You’re not a real JUGGERNAUT if you don’t have a lifestyle of prayer. To be transparent, my prayer life has always had its ebbs and flows – and I HATE it. NOthing happens without prayer. It is the difference between waiting for things to happen and ensuring that things Will happen. Prayer is probably one of the most UNDERestimated disciplines of a Believer’s life. And I get it! It takes mad faith to keep on praying while you wait on the Lord to answer – He tends to move when He gets ready. Sidenote: there’s nothing like delayed answers to prayers that build character, sticktoitiveness, and relentless faith. If you give up because of frustration and impatience, it’s probably because you have relegated your version of Christianity to a spectator sport. The Gospel is more like a CONTACT SPORT. It’s a Grind through, Grace, that makes you Great!

 The Grind. It’s what separates you from your opponent. And if you don’t have a lifestyle of JUGGERNAUT-sized prayers you will be beat up, torn down and left to wonder if your current state of being is all there is. When you look in the mirror and all you see is pain and weakness, JUGGERNAUT-sized prayers will lift you out and up into an irresistible hope that escorts you into your destiny. You need to develop a JUGGERNAUT-size prayer life that can’t be tamed or compromised or put off till tomorrow because you don’t feel like it - sorta like Elijah’s.

 Elijah was a True JUGGERNAUT. You can read about results of this prayer life in 1 Kings 17-19 (Yep! you’re gonna have to go and read it for yourself). His prayer life was so dope, he could pull storm clouds out of the crack of his butt. He wasn’t bothered or annoyed by repetition. And in an age where technology has spoiled us by giving us warp-speed answers, we need fire-breathing demonstrations of the GREATNESS OF the LORD JESUS CHRIST. I truly believe that these types of demonstrations will undoubtedly and gracefully force deep conviction in others to convert to living a life that is pleasing to Jesus. Having a JUGGERNAUT-sized prayer life to this end is why the Lord would be compelled to answer your prayers – because His reputation is on the line. But if we are only begging God for answers that only remove your discomfort we are selling ourselves short and existing on a plain that is not much higher than hell. Deep breath…

 True JUGGERNAUTS pray prayers worthy of the God they are praying to. In order to do so, you must be convinced that the God you pray to is always capable of exceeding your audacity. When your nerve fuses with God’s capacity, miracles are the exact result. That’s why timid prayers are a waste of fricken time.

 I’ve always been fascinated with the weather. It’s So Very powerful. It controls climate, controls where people choose to live and given enough overcast, can even control people’s attitudes - unless you’re my Mom who calls rain “liquid sunshine.” I remember the lesson about clouds in middle school, learning about cumulous clouds, cirrus clouds and condensation. I remember because it seemed like such an oversimplification of what seemed to me to be a thing of wonder and beauty and an earthly miracle.

 Condensation, in particular, is what I think about when I imagine Elijah with his head between his knees. It really is quite simple. It all begins with the combination of the sun’s hot rays that clash with the 71% of earth that is water, in addition to the vapor and particles in the air. Particles + Vapor = Clouds. When enough of that vapor ascends into the atmosphere, the clouds get full of water, dirty water. The clouds become dirty with whatever was in the atmosphere.

 Let’s connect this with my man, the JUGGERNAUT – Elijah. In my 40 years being around Christians, it has been said over and over again that when praises go up, blessings come down. And while I will make no comment on “what” goes up and “what” comes down, if Elijah is our example the “what” needs to be adjusted a bit. Elijah sent up prayer, NOT praise. And it was a storm that fell out of the sky from a cloud the side of a hand, not just rain. The question is: WHAT are you sending up? Are you begging the Lord of All for mere bills to be paid or ideas that turn your talents into empires? Are you begging for a relationship to change or are you receiving the courage to BE the change you want to see? Are you begging for symptoms to change or are you declaring the impossible in the face of a diagnosis? Is you is or is you ain’t a JUGGERNAUT?

 I’m Tifiny, I am JUGGERNAUT and I am butNaked…

Tifiny Johnson