Here we go! Let’s get butNaked! Suicide is romanticized by 2 seasons of one of the most watched series by teens on Netflix – 13 Reasons Why. Netflix is a media company who has capitalized on the playing-field-leveling effects of the internet. It has no sanctions and therefore takes no public responsibility for the influence of what its shows and movies have been selling to the masses. Also, I’m ashamed to say that the divorce rate in the church is as high as the divorce rate of America – 50% of all marriages end in painful divorce. America’s identity crisis has skyrocketed into a frenzy in such a way that the original intent of gender and the purpose of humanity have been redefined. This has resulted in the fleeting sanctity, according to the Word of God; of matrimony and reducing humanity to be subjected to its wishy-washy whims. And the answer, you might ask?

 …Loving like a JUGGERNAUT

 LOVE is a weapon in the hand of the Lord. However, the way that we use it has cheapened the true definition. We use love to describe the new Lebron James shoes, designed by my friend Kim Goldson and her lady crew, our dogs and chocolate. But can you truly define Love? Try! I dare you.

 I was at a forum on Sunday where Josh McDowell, a great apologist and father in the faith, defined love as protection and provision. And while I agree that those are functions of love, this definition lacks mad luster and doesn’t quite do more than 1 Corinthians 13 does by making it clear what love DOES – not what love IS.

 I was fortunate to have a father who was intentional about making sure that my siblings and I knew exactly what love is. Thank God for a father who understands the power of defining words and their intentions. (if you don’t think this is important it’s probably good that you know that the Roe vs. Wade decision regarding abortion was predicated on the REdefinition of the process of conception through the first trimester. It is now ok to kill a baby because the subject of that process has been redefined as a “fetus.” But I digress…) Webster has reduced “love” to what sounds like an orgasm. My father’s definition is more like a strong drink - simple, with a lil twist of complexity. I do not know where my father got this definition from, but since he’s where I heard it first, I’ll just claim it for him.

 Love is total unconditional acceptance.

 Now, while at first glance I know some will be tempted to oversimplify this definition and herald against Christians who have spoken up against all things unbiblical. I can hear them now. “Then none of yall Christians are real Christians”, they’d criticize. Don’t jump ship yet, because within this definition is a distinct difference between a person and their decisions.  Therefore, I want to make it clear that this definition ASSumes that you and I have the ability to accept each person, without agreeing with or accepting their choices. It also ASSumes that a person is not their decisions.

 The question still remains: How does love solve the problems of the world?

 First, in order to truly love anyone, you must truly love yourself. Self-acceptance provides the ability to accept others because only you know the truth about you.  You know your strength and weaknesses, triumphs and failures, victories and defeats. Accepting yourself through your own decisions and consequences compels you to do the same for others. Doing so pushes others to receive God’s love which in turn helps them to love themselves and do the same for others. This loving cycle of perpetuation forces a whole community to be a living example of what God intended humanity to become. Let me be clear. I do not believe that Love is God’s intended purpose for humanity. I believe that love is the motive that humanity must have to complete the purpose. Without loving like a JUGGERNAUT, we will fail.

Jesus was the Ultimate Love JUGGERNAUT. That is, before you ever said yes to him AND even after you spit in His face with your sin, He TOTALLY and UNCONDITIONALLY ACCEPTS YOU.

 I am determined to LOVE like a JUGGERNAUT because I have been Loved relentlessly by a JUGGERNAUT. Wonder what would happen if you did the same?

 I’m Tifiny, I love you and iambutNaked…

Tifiny Johnson