I have been called a wordsmith. This ASSumes that I wield words well and am furthermore capable of causing the ability to understand deep truths and simply apply them to life. While I truly accept this as a compliment, I too am enthralled by words. They have become my heroes as they are itty-bitty sums of combinations of letters that make language readable, comprehendible and actionable. They comfort me as they leave the mouths of those whom I hold in high esteem. When they are destroyed and redefined, I love them more. I collect them, trophy them, store them in lists behind the folds of my brain. I use them obnoxiously to train those I lead to go beyond what the media has sold them is right, trendy and yet controlling. I learned a long time ago from a man who mentored my father  that – “whomever controls the language controls the culture” (Thanks Dennis Peacocke). It was a statement that set my fire blazing a new trail with a machete on my tongue and fingertips. I have always known in my knower that I was created to be JUGGERNAUT. 

I am a force. When I enter a room, no sooner than my purple hair is spotted are there questions about who that lady is. I can feel them behind the lashes, the heads on swivels and smiles that invite me to reciprocate. I am sure that, though the purple is poppin, it is the presence in my soul that shines through the brown of my pupils which compels others to ask a question. And I cognize that this is a grave responsibility that I was born to bare. I unsheathe it best when I open my mouth and the timber of my expression causes their auditory nerves to communicate with their brains to investigate regarding more than the hue of my follicles. But they peer, peak, wonder and sideways-turn head and ask, who is that lady? I am JUGGERNAUT.

I am massive mountain of superhuman woman who possesses strength and durability and virtually unstoppable momentum. I wield words - Words from the Ultimate Source of Truth. He is my God, my Lord and I am consumed with Him so, that I implode just pontificating about Him. He is the reason why my dopeness is contagious. And I am arrogant asshole if I don’t make it my life’s mission to give Jesus to all who look to ask who I am. For I am crud on underside of garbageman’s boots without Him. However, with Him I am impossible, I do impossible. I am JUGGERNAUT.

Whether you are skeptical, judgmental, inspired or amused, this blog is for you. Because I will not retire till I have used language to cause conviction to seethe through the course of your veins and move you to be the JUGGERNAUT you were created to be.

I am Tifiny and iambutNaked…

Tifiny Johnson