When I was a child my Mom was a scary person. She didn’t play! I was assured of her love, but I was even more sure that she was not to be messed with! Her hands were as large as my father’s. The boom of her voice was such that we could hear her sing our names from our front door while we were nearly a mile away. I also remember her being a wonderful cook. She is the reason why I LOVE to cook today. It’s the sweet daily hobby that I have come to thoroughly enjoy because of her. But if she cooked something that I hated as a kid, like eggs - Ewl! I HATED eggs. I remember the morning she made me sit at the table until I ate them all. She would say, “I didn’t ask you what you liked!”

 As we got older, my Mom wouldn’t just command obedience, she would explain her decisions. She’d say, “One day you will eat before kings and it will be an insult for you not to eat what’s put before you! This is practice for then!” And while that didn’t make the eggs taste any better, my brothers and I were more afraid of the consequences because my Mom had SKILLS. She is the quintessential multitasking woman! She could drive a stick shift in traffic, feed a baby, talk on the phone and still smack one of us without ever batting an eye or getting in an accident. I remember dreaming of the day that she’d lay off of me and I could do what I wanted. I couldn’t WAIT to be an Adult so I wouldn’t HAVE to OBEY.

Now that I am an adult, I can clearly see the importance of my Mom’s decision to place obedience as a more critical value than being her friend. You miss the life-skill of obedience when your mom is just your friend. Yep! I see obedience as a skill. Maybe that’s the problem with our world today. There are way Too Many people obeying their own whims than there are people who are submitted to someone in loving authority. But, isn’t that the “American Way” – “the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?” If I hear one more person say, “I just want to be happy” – I Can’t Stand It! Like happiness is the highest state of being to achieve. In this regard, the Constitution has come to bite Christians in the butt! We must choose to be Americans first OR choose to be Citizens of Kingdom of God first. If you decide to place King Jesus over your decisions then the freedom that He paid with His blood for you to have, gives you the right and responsibility to OBEY!

 When I got grown enough to do whatever I could, I did so in the most fundamental way possible – with my body. Tuh! I snuck men into my father’s house, I stole money from my parents and I ate as much of anything that I could get my hands on. By the time I was 27 I was 397 pounds. I was sick, depressed, on 8 different medications; silently killing myself in name of being able to do whatever I wanted. Yeah! You didn’t know? The Lord has something to say about how you treat your body! He wants Total Control. This is why if you are going to have a relationship with Him you need to be prepared to give Him what He wants. He’s The King. And the King of kings (like my Momma) is not to be messed with! In fact, the way you show Him your loyalty is to obey Him (Luke 6:46).

 This is why I call Obedience a skill. It is probably the most important skill of the 4 skills I have talked about this month (#getcaughtup!); because it’s something that you will have to do for the rest of your life. Contrary to what modern sociologist or psychologist have indoctrinated Americans to believe, humanity is inherently evil. Proof? You don’t have to teach a child to lie or be selfish. Proven. This is why the parent/child bond is the fundamental connection that trained you regarding your relationship with the Lord. Examine it! Wanna go deeper? Parents- Examine how your relationship with your child is teaching them about the Lord.

My Mom taught me that Obedience is 3 things:



With a good attitude

 And if any one of them was missing, I had been disobedient.

 Check Yourself! If the Lord asks you to do something and you do it when you want to: Disobedient! If you don’t do ALL of it: Disobedient! If you do it with a bad attitude: Disobedient!

 When Saul did the one thing that God told him not to and the Prophet Samuel came to deliver the Lord’s discipline he said, “Obedience is better than sacrifice.”(1 Sam. 15:32). This verse is so interesting because Saul tried to buy God’s grace with worship instead of doing what He was commanded. It cost him his kingdom, his family, his sanity and MOST importantly – his relationship with the Lord. It seems so harsh, but we don’t have the Lord’s perspective of this life. Time is but a parenthesis in eternity. The Lord knows what’s at stake!

 If the Lord couldn’t trust me with my body, maybe this is why it has taken so long for me to achieve my dreams. It took me 13 YEARS to recover from being disobedient. 13 YEARS! And I am still looking for the continued results of my obedience. It does make me wonder what I would be like if I had obeyed 20 years ago… It hasn’t been easy. But, it IS quite simple. I have a right to obey.

When Jesus paid for your freedom He wasn’t just dying in your stead. In fact, He died to show you HOW to Die (1 Cor. 15:31). And when you OBEY this daily, you will find that the freedom that you have been gifted is the ability to OBEY Jesus. And when you OBEY Jesus, you live the life that He designed and that life is infinitely more than you could Ever imagine.

 I’m Tifiny and iambutNaked…

Tifiny Johnson