’ve been thinking about you for a month and the first thing I want to say to you is THANK YOU. Thank you for your time and allowing me into your life and soul. I appreciate your trust, and I’m ready to start 2019 with a BANG.

 Now, more than ever, I still feel GREATNESS brewing inside of me. It haunts my mornings and chases my sleep away. It eats at my expectations of self, yet feeds my faith like a good meal at Stony River. I’m full of it and I’m emptied because of it. I’m prepared to give up my life to be all that the King has foretold that I would be. In doing so, I have you on my heart; because my GREATNESS is locked up in you accomplishing the Lord’s purpose for your life. I’ve been preparing to be great so that you can too. One of the ways that I do this is by RESTING. Even God took a day. I don’t think He did so because He was tired. I think He rested to set a pattern for us humans. Especially humans like me who thrive on accomplishing work and who love what they do. So I took a month. Hope that was ok with you…

 Needless to say, I’m writing again; but I wanted to be even more strategic in what I am imparting. I always want to be giving what the Lord has prescribed. It’s a daily tedious undertaking to be sensitive to the Lord, to hear Him and do what He is saying. It is my daily, and sometime hourly trade to do so. This skill is one that I must develop everyday. I am determined to be excellent at it because I know that true fulfillment is found in pleasing Him with all that I am.

 I have BIG EXPECTATIONS for this year. As HUMONGOUS as my expectations are, is my incapability to Make them come to pass.  By this I mean, I am at the Lord’s mercy regarding the timing of the reality of my dreams. I am absolutely dependent on His will. However, unnerving, this is the safest and most powerful place to be. I have already received certain personal goals from the Lord and I’m still setting professional ones. While I do so there are impressions that are strong in my heart. Let’s begin to Master them together.

 There are 4 things that I MUST MASTER this year – especially if I’m going to lead in living this JUGGERNAUTLife. If you are going to live a life worthy of the God you serve, you must become an expert in these 4 things:

·     Knowing the voice of the Lord

·     Being known by the Lord

·     Obeying the Lord

·     Living within His presence

 This is what I want to spend January talking about. I know they seem elementary, but I believe that they are the basic foundational skills that can always mature.

 When we get into the details of our lives: brushing our teeth, cooking, traffic, jobs, spouses, working out, careers, relationships and everything else that makes up the human experience, it is easy to lose sight of why we are alive. Since it’s a new year, it is always good to approach the beginning with the end in mind. My goal is that truth is imparted to you in such a way that you intentionally live your day and therefore find that every night you are sure that you have been Jesus’ good and faithful servant. These 4 skills are the only way to do it successfully.

 Here are a few questions that you may want to answer as you prepare for GREATNESS this year:

·     What do you want?

·     By when do you want it?

·     With whom do you want it?

·     How will you get there?

·     Have you started on the right path?

 I have no doubt that there is something specific that you must accomplish before you die. I know in my knower that you have what you need to be successful to this end. I am sure that, if you are careful to live each day intentionally, success is inevitable.  I am also certain that you won’t get there by just hoping that it falls in your lap. You’re going to have to DO something. I can promise you that it’s going to be a tough way to go. But, the truth is that total fulfillment will be the result.

 So, if you’re with me… Leh’Go!

 I am Tifiny and iambutNaked…

Tifiny Johnson