Big, Long, Hard

Nah…you gotta get your mind outta the gutter! LOL! Don’t worry… (me too). Though I’d love to be talking about my dream to have sex, that’s not quite what this is about. Well…maybe…but not quite… I do have a dream. I have three things that I have been asking from the Lord. Quite frankly, I’ve been asking for a long time. This year makes 10 years that I’ve been asking the Him. Nope! I have no doubt that they are His will. Every single one of my requests are based in the Bible. Yep, I believe my motives are righteous, and if they are not, I’m absolutely willing to be adjusted (which I haven’t always been). If He doesn’t grant these prayers I have no hope of EVER receiving my requests.

I’m asking the Lord to be pursued for marriage, I want to have a team of 12 women who I am discipling to become leader-making-leader-makers, and I want my businesses to be successful.  

My father says that nothing builds character like unanswered prayers. Whether it’s highway 75/85, the ladder of success, a microwaved meal or having sex, there is too much importance placed on the destination. Focusing on the destination creates anxiety, it produces pressure and angst. What is it about the destination? Maybe, it’s about the feeling of completion or just wanting to finish. I get it. That is vital when you make a worthy investment. I know that I’ve invested blood, sweat, tears, money, hurt, time, relationships and the list goes on. These last 10 years I’ve had to adjust my attitude to say the least. I have had to master the ability to be patient and to do the diligent work of actually trusting the Lord. And it has NOT been easy. One of the toughest things is to grapple with questions, cuz I am a questionER. The most driving question that has plagued my psyche is: Why has my God-given destiny alluded me? Why has it been able to resist coming into my life, my journey and my bank account the way I know that He designed?

Is this you? Have you been wondering why, when, how and where God’s promise is for your life? Then come with me, I’m gonna show you the way.

In this wonderful month, the best month of the year, my birthday month we will discover the answers to these questions. Part of it, you’re gonna love, other parts – not so much. But, I promise you answers. 

If you’re like me, you want to be IRRESISTIBLE to EVERYTHING God has in store for your life. While we wait there are three things we can do.

Dream BIG


Think LONG

This winning combination is the key to the actualization of your dream. Thanks Mark Batterson, I believe I’ll be quoting you for the rest of my life. 

While we think about this combination of concepts that must become action items on your calendar, I want to remind you of a story John told. You can find it in the 11thchapter of his book. Lemme tell the butNaked rendition. Mary and Martha, friends of Jesus, sent a message to Him. Lazarus was dying and His presence was needed immediately! No doubt this situation was urgent. No doubt it was dire. No doubt this wasn’t some female over-exaggeration. And there was no doubt that Jesus was the ONLY person who could do something about this. Martha knew in her knower that Jesus would surely come to their rescue. But, He didn’t. Jesus lamented, took His sweet time. And the result? The death of His friend Lazurus and the heartache of his sisters. Jesus finally comes on the scene. Strolling, like they’ve asked Him for a piece of bread. Lazarus is dead. Martha meets Him outside the city. “If you just would have been here!” She cried. Her sadness could not be ignored. Mary has an attitude. She ain’t comin to see no Jesus. He’s too late. Lazarus is gone. But, He sends for her and she responds with her attitude. “If you just would have been here!” I can see her shaking her head and rolling her neck.  Enter the shortest verse in the Good Book, “Jesus wept.” I could pontificate about why He wept. Top 2 reasons that come to mind: 

1.  He wanted them to know His compassion. He knew they needed to know that He felt their pain.

2.  Once again, He was underestimated. Martha knew He was the Messiah, so why the sad tears? Mary you’ve seen Him perform miracles. Why the angry tears?

One thing is for sure, He wasn’t crying because Lazarus was dead, He had a plan. Jesus NEVER fails. You know the story. He raises Laz from the dead 2,000+ years later I’m writing about it as a reminder for you. 

I’m reminding you to dream BIG, pray HARD and think LONG. If Martha and Mary only knew that we needed their brother to die in order to have faith about the things that seem to be alluding us. It was a BIG dream to keep their brother alive. They prayed HARD and sent word directly to the ONLY person who could rectify and make sense of this hopeless situation. If they would have known that this story was gonna make them famous and vital to hundreds of millions of people? If they knew that Jesus was going to raise Him from the stinking dead, they may have responded differently. 

This story is no different than yours. It’s not only about the destination, goal, the end. It’s about who you become along the way. It’s about the character that you earn that is the key to helping you keep the dream, not just realize it. It’s about the people you will encounter along the way who will need to know how you made it to where you’re going. It’s about the painstaking efforts you have been paving your Road with to IRRESISTIBLE. 

You know what? You really need to sign up for JUGGERNAUTLife. Because this is going to be the topic. How can you become IRRESISTIBLE to God’s purpose for your life? Come see me April 20, 9A-12P on Spelman’s Campus. Men and women alike, no one will be turned away. Bring your homie. Go to Eventbrite and register for your seat now. Seats are limited. I’m almost sure you will reach your destiny without my help. But, it won’t be as easy. I can promise you that. Come on! Get like me!


I am Tifiny and iambutNaked…

Tifiny Johnson