Roadblock on the Road to IRRESISTIBLE

Well, I’m back from the best vacation in a long time. China is wonderful, mainly because I have family there. I ate things I’ve never seen that were wonderful and interesting and things that I never have to eat again. Travel is an education unlike any other. The more I see, the more I know there is to see. On the Road to IRRESISTIBLE, which you will have to travel, you will come to some roadblocks. I know that I’ve talked about Waze so much that they should totally give me an endorsement. One of the reasons why I love Waze is because it alerts you to roadblocks, traffic jams, accidents, and construction. I love it! However, on the Road to IRRESISTIBLE you will not be able to avoid all roadblocks. Some of them you are just going to have to be patient and go through them. With any dream there is a starting point and an ending point. There is no way around, over or under it if you are going to reach your dream and sustain it. The best thing you can do is learn from those roadblocks so that you don’t have to repeat the mistake and suffer too long with the consequences. There are 3 that I would like to get butNaked about.

The first one is Sin. Most people quantify sin. They make some worse than others. I’d like to level the playing field. All sin put Christ on the Cross. From white lies to murder, Jesus was tortured and murdered so that you can be cleansed from them. I know you may have heard the simple definitions of sin being; transgressing the will and/or Word of God. But there are a few more definitions that I think are important. The word “sin” comes from an old term used in archery. In the sport, if the arrow hits anywhere outside of the bulls-eye it’s called “sin.” That’s a whole lot more than smoking, screwing and hanging with those that do. Another definition to make all these definitions make sense is this: ANYTHING that keeps me from accomplishing God’s purpose for my life. Another way of saying this- to put the 3 together is; ANYTHING, action or thought that prevents me from hitting the target for which I was born. For example, it is sin for me not to drink water every day. Seems like such a small thing to kill the Savior for. But, if I’m not healthy I won’t be able to accomplish all that He designed me to do.  What are the non-negotiables that the Lord has set up in your life that will prevent you from being successful in this life the Lord has given you?  Answering this question will help to bring focus on strengthening any weaknesses.

Next. Impatience. It’ll get you every time! I prefer the definition from Andy Stanley’s book Love, Sex and Dating. He said, “Patience is the decision to go at someone else’ pace and not push your own.” UGH!!! That said, are you patient? I know that I have not always been. I am a STARTER. I’m always ready to get up and go. I have had to be patient with myself, and mostly patient with the Lord. After all, His Will is good and perfect, but I have not always accepted His timing. I have had to learn to be the prover of attributes of His Will, His Timing and His Way. And I have not always liked it. Lately, in the last 3 years I have made the constant, almost daily and sometimes hourly decision that His will is better than what I want even though I have not seen answers yet. This has served to calm me down and keep me focused. I guess that’s the question. Do you really trust the Lord?

Last. Aloneness. It’s A Trick!!! Don’t fall for it! Traffic is always better with a good playlist and your homie. This was the GREATEST thing that I’ve ever gotten delivered from. I have always felt alone; being the only girl most of the time, when I was raped, when my brothers left to travel the world while I went to school, when my husband left me. This year made 10 years I’ve been single. I’m the last of my family to be married and I have no children. These facts haunt me EVERYDAY. And in the middle of all of this there is still one truth that slays all the facts no matter how I feel. I AM NEVER ALONE. Jesus is always with me, protecting me from homosexuality, from sadness, from missing out, from hopelessness and from fear that this is my whole life. I have decided to trust that His plan is better than I could ever imagine. What’s your kryptonite? What’s the thing that keeps creeping up?

If I were to stop at those facts and not bathe them in the Person of the Truth I would be doomed to never accomplishing my dreams. They would have the power to resist me. However, if I am active in facing them, applying Truth to them and doing my part to strengthen my weaknesses; I then set myself up to not only reach my dreams, but enjoy them, build upon them and share them.  

Your turn!


I am Tifiny and iambutNaked

Tifiny Johnson