The road to IRRESISTIBLE is paved with water…in a storm. Think about it! The disciples had been on the sea for a few hours. When they left there was still daylight. Jesus was left behind. The light of day had fallen into the darkness of night and Jesus perceived that they were in trouble. Being nautical miles away, He needed to make moves and the disciples needed to recognize who was responsible for the authority over the weather. So, instead of speaking to the storm from his current location, Jesus’ personal compassion overpowered the awesome ease of authority. I would assume that He couldn’t wait to see their faces when He approaches them, walking on the sea…in a storm! 

 Peter couldn’t help himself. It wasn’t a miracle that Jesus was walking on water. Jesus’ body, soul and spirit were one; therefore, miracles were in His DNA. It was a simple feat to change the molecular structure of matter. Peter, however, hadn’t quite mastered his miraculous ability but he was eager to get started with his lessons.And since the mastery of the miraculous was predestined in his journey and purpose; walking on water like Jesus was absolutely IRRESISTIBLE.

 Being IRRESISTIBLE to your destiny is the absolute INABILITY to RESIST the decisions, disciplines, activities and strategies; however difficult, that prepare you for success in your God-given destiny and purpose. Peter had an understanding that I believe is essential to us as we become IRRESISTIBLE. He asked, he obeyed and he had courage.

 #1. Peter KNEW to NOT get outta that boat UNTIL Jesus gave him permission. I know I wouldn’t! However, like Peter, I WANNA GO TOO! Tuh! With Jesus? Strolling on the water? In a storm? Oh Yeah! Peter did what most people don’t. He took himself OUT of the box of what always is, how things have always been done and what has been expected; and he asked for permission. You know, people don’t ask for what they don’t have hope for. When you have hope and have to ask for permission; and have some semblance of a possible affirmative answer, you don’t hesitate to ask! It’s like a child, sitting in the back seat of their parent’s car as they pull into a McDonald’s. And I know the challenge! 

 Do you believe that God created you for the IRRESISTIBLE? If you doubt that, then you never ask for the impossible, the possible, or what is needed. On top of all that, you can forget what is wanted! Prayer to Jesus is the key to the IRRESISTIBLE. Without prayer, nothing will happen. God won’t answer 100% of the prayers that aren’t prayed. If you want the IRRESISTIBLE then you must ask Jesus.

 #2. Once Jesus gives the ok, you must obey. Lately, I have been given the opportunity to begin training for endeavors that will set me up for several streams of passive income. I am tempted to be overwhelmed with the opportunity and the responsibility of them all. I don’t know about you, but when there is something that I’d like to embark upon, something that I know is a feat for me, I get real careful and nervous, and I’m tempted to be afraid – which I will address next. Except to say this one very important thing. One of the best ways to deal with being nervous or afraid is to be obedient. Obedience is a decision to do what you know. It is not based on how you feel. My Mother taught me that obedience is immediate, complete, and with a good attitude. If either one of those are missing you may miss the precious opportunities that are lined up to usher you into your destiny. And sometimes obedience takes courage.

 #3. Courage. In reading the text, it doesn’t seem that Peter thought about his decision. This is the same fisherman that threw off his clothes twice and jumped in the water when he knew it was Jesus – the one who has miracles in is His DNA. However, he had an understanding of the dynamics of water. From the onset of his relationship with Jesus, he was well aware that the elements obey Him. But again! All of those facts are about Jesus, and not necessarily applied to Peter’s confinement to space, time, weather and matter. But Peter knew that if he was going to EXPERIENCE or PARTICIPATE in a miracle, he was going to have to get out of the box of the natural, no matter the unknown, face his fears and TRY. Most times I can’t stand the word “try.” I have seen time and time again that the “word” try is an excuse to fail. There is no use of courage without fear. In order to have and enact courage, you must face your fear. 

 Funny, I’m kind’ve excited about showers…It seems to be where God speaks to me lately. This is what he said, “Your road to IRRESISTIBLE is paved with water…in a storm.” Therefore, I must be like Peter who was adamant about getting permission from Jesus, was obedient and had courage. I want the IRRESISTIBLE PLAN and PURPOSE for my life. I’m in a good place, it’s not without challenges. But, I KNOW in my KNOWER that I was meant for more, Better and GREATER! So, I’m gonna do my best to not self-sabotage my future by being an impertinent, disobedient punk! Get like me!


I am Tifiny and iambutNaked…

Tifiny Johnson