ME 1st!

I only go to Shell or QT for gas! I drive one of my dream cars – a matrimony white Lexus IS 350 F Sport with blood red guts. And it only takes the highest of octanes in gas. I like Shell because I get $.10/gal off because of my Kroger Plus Card. I don’t know why I prefer QT gas, I kinda believe it’s all the same. Comes from the same ground, right? But, QT is bigger, better lit, has a friendlier staff and the choices inside the store are dope – INCLUDING THE ICED TEA AND COFFEE (right Nish?)! AND to top it all off, the bathrooms are MOST times CLEAN and nice smelling! QT is Just My fave. 

On the road to IRRESISTIBLE You WILL NEED Fuel…

 Why not get the best? It’s your life! I believe I can be accused of stubbornly waiting for marriage for my life to begin. Nobody told me that I’d be wasting 20 YEARS of my life waiting for something that still hasn’t happened. When I turned 40 something CLICKED, and I knew that I had to do something ELSE. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve accomplished a LOT. However, I believe I would’ve done more if I knew that I wasn’t going to be married by now. Sometimes I feel like such a slacker! I don’t know who I would’ve been if I would’ve started doing what I did when I was 30! No need in living in that light though. I’ve got the life and time that I’ve got right now.

 I started by making a major health decision when I turned 40. In 2017, I started reading books. I read 1 chapter per day. By the end of that year I had read 16 whole books – more than I had read in college. In 2018 I read 24 books by doing the same thing – 1 chap/day. In August of 2018, Ingrid and Monique took me to a conference that changed the very trajectory of my life – Millions. I walked away from that conference with a view of my life that I hadn’t had before. It was like a light bursted out of me and exploded the walls that I had put around myself. I knew in my knower that I was meant for MUCH MORE. So I started to actively pursue it. 

 Fast forward to this month April 2019. Every weekend this month I have been in some sort of training.  Week 1 – I was in The Create Conference – another infusion that shifted my trajectory. Week 2 – Apps Without Code. This is a training and coaching that will give me the ability to build passive income. Week 3 – I was in 3 days of a class that taught me how to trade stocks and options. Next week I’m going to a Prophetic Activation Conference with John Eckhardt. WHEW!

 When I left March I knew April was going to be a DOOZY! But, I believe that I am SMACK DAB in the HEART of the Lord’s will for my life. The magic word is “SELF-INVESTMENT.” My Mother says that you are only as good as you are to yourself. Even the Greatest command is centered around your love of Jesus first. The very next thing, but is EQUALLY IMPORTANT, is self. HA!

 Check me! Mark records Jesus’ answer when He was asked what the Greatest command is. It is written in Mark 12:30-31, “And you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength.’31 The second is equally important: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ No other commandment is greater than these.”

 Usually we look at this scripture and see “others” first. But, I see YOU. I see ME. I cannot love others if I do not love myself. If I love others first, I will be working from an empty cup. If I love myself only, I will be selfish. The command is to love others AS you love YOURSELF. 

Love of self is not selfish. It’s necessary in order to accomplish all that you have been designed to do. Because, if you are a DISCIPLE of CHRIST, then others are our endgame…

So, love thyself! Others will thank you.


I am Tifiny and iambutNaked…


Tifiny Johnson