Countdown to Momentum!

5…4…3…2…1.. BLASTOFF! It’s TIME! Yep! Now! Right Now! Now is the time for all the work that you’ve been putting in to pay off! It’s time for your ROI. I know you were hoping for this day. And it’s finally come. So, let’s begin. 

 First. You need to remember that in order for you to retrieve your harvest, your return and your results it’s going to take work. Any farmer, business person or investor worth their salt knows that there is a season for everything. And harvest takes just as much effort, if not more than seed time. Ha! Put your eyebrows away! I can hear your skepticism. You thought it was going to be as easy as someone telling you? Don’t be so naïve. Anything worth having, worth your time, worth your effort, worth your heart work, worth your mental capacity, worth your degree and worth your pain is worthy of that finished line that’s just up ahead. But, you’ve got to push it to the MAX.

 MOMENTUM is what you need. Ever seen a video of a rocket taking off? Space is the goal. There is an amount of power that is necessary in order to break the barrier that guards the earth’s atmosphere from the lack of gravity that is in space. See, that’s the thing, there’s a whole universe to discover outside of the world that you’ve been confined to. You know. Those four walls of your home, your office, your city, your state. There is SO MUCH to discover, retrieve and experience. But, you’ve got to cross that barrier that’s just beyond the confines of the work that you’ve put in thus far. And you won’t get to even see it if you give up now. So, LEH’GO! 

 What’s that you ask? How do you get MOMENTUM? This week let’s look at only 2 things: 

 1.  Let’s look at rocket fuel. Just like a rocket, you need a different kind of fuel. Fuel for an airplane only gets you around and around. Rocket fuel has a bit more umph to it. That umph is needed because of the power of gravity. It takes rocket fuel to break the relentless control of gravity and its barrier. It’s that extra push that’s needed to break impediments that were seemingly never supposed to be broken. You can’t look at your life and see the gates, the barricades and the obstacles. You must see them as opportunities. You must see them as platforms from which you jump into your destiny. Your destiny is SO MAGNIFICENT that it can only be held within the confines of your faith and dreams. And you will never reach them if you don’t ride the MOMENTUM that you must create. That MOMENTUM is manufactured when you remember what the goal is. When you are convinced that you were never meant for the place that you find yourself in right now – be it emotional, relational, or financial. When you begin to think that the journey is long and difficult-but worth it; remember that the goal, the destination and the dream must become a reality and you’re the only person who can get there.

 2.  If you’ve ever seen a rocket fly, you know that the first part of the flight is only accomplished with thrusters. Those thrusters create the MOMENTUM that is necessary to penetrate gravity and the earth’s atmosphere. However, those thrusters must be released if the rocket is ever going to get into space because they weigh too much. They only act as the sling shot that has the power to throw the rocket out of earth. Once that power has been achieved the thrusters must be released. Question. What must you let go of in order for you to achieve LIFT OFF? Is it procrastination, indiscipline, time wasting, tv, your social media, a relationship? What is it? What must you stop doing? One of my family’s mentors says, “Winners always quit and Quitters always win.” (Thanks Oriel Ballano) If you’re going to win your reward for all the work that you’ve been putting in for the last weeks, months and in some cases years, there may be somethings that you need to STOP doing.

 Examine yourself. Examine your position. Be honest about where you are and what’s next. What’s the next move? How close are you to your ROI? Without MOMENTUM, the goal is going to be a LONG time coming. But, with it…You’re in for a dope ride and finally the results you’ve been working for.


I am Tifiny and iambutNaked

Tifiny Johnson