Disruption Is Inevitable

Last week we talked about the shock that Peter went through after he lost Jesus to the Romans and the halt that happens when building momentum is disrupted. When Peter preached that sermon after the Upper-Room experience 3 thousand people from different nationalities believed in Christ. And I’m not sure that Peter knew exactly what he was getting himself into, but I know that he was sold out – sold out to the point of death. I guess if a man is able to predict His death and resurrection AND pull it off, maybe it’s worth living by the principles that He imparted. 

 Juggernauts thrive off MOMENTUM. It’s the very nature of a Juggernaut – it will not be stopped. However, there are distractions and disruptions built into the very fiber of life. And if you are going to reach your dreams, you must find a way to deal with these inevitable times. They build us, teach us, challenge us and direct us. They show us what we’re really made of. But, when disruption of MOMENTUM comes, we are faced with the opportunity to quit, pivot or roll on through. Neither one is bad idea. Let me explain.

 Quit Quitter

Bishop Ballano says, “Quitters always win and Winners always Quit!” I know. It’s totally NOT what your high school coach told you. But he also told you that “Practice makes perfect.” And we all know that if we practice the wrong thing, you will get it perfectly WRONG. Practice makes Permanent! Likewise, I’d like to introduce you to a new concept of quitting. Quitters always win and Winners always quit! Winners quit procrastinating. Winners quit doing what doesn’t work. Winners quit doing it all alone. Winners quit the insanity. What do you need to quit in order to gain or keep MOMEMTUM?

 Pivot (with your elbow up and the ball in your hand)

 I played basketball in 9-11 grade. I loved it most because of the people that I got to hang out with. I’m still kinda connected with them today. Waiting on that “catching up” dinner though… (LOL) #KTAT. If you are dribbling and stopped by a defender, the rule is one of your feet can’t move. This can feel stifling if you don’t remember that the other foot is free to move as much as possible for a few seconds. This can help to change directions, get more help by passing the ball, or call a time out. Either way, pivoting doesn’t have to stop the MOMENTUM. It’s just a moment to learn from. Pivoting may require creativity and opening your mind to a new way of getting things done. Passing the ball gets the ball down the court MUCH FASTER than running it alone.How can you pivot your process, so that halting doesn’t mean stopping your MOMENTUM?

 Roll On Through

I am watching my cousins roll on through after the toughest loss of their lives. Three of them are raising families, one is getting married in about a week and the other is a bridesmaid to a new sister-in-love – WOO! ANDtheir father just passed away 2 weeks ago. Sometimes just breathing and living ANYWAY is the best we can do. And that’s not to say that best equals least. But best means BEST. Sometimes, it’s good just to keep breathing through this period because it’s actually what’s BEST. I think leaders, busy people and alpha personalities feel like something ALWAYS NEEDS to be Done, when it’s healthy just to take a sec and let life happen. 

 Is this a time where you just need to take a moment and breath in order to get through this disruption of your MOMENTUM?

 Peter did all 3. He didn’t know that he’d be a preacher. But, he kept it rolling even though Jesus left the leadership to him. He didn’t even know he’d be such a dope preacher.  He pivoted from being a fisherman to an Apostle in the moment that Jesus took off into space. And he took the role of Rock of the Church even though he didn’t know that he was building the job description.  Tuh! Crazy? But done. 

 Here’s the truth. Disruptions are inevitable when building MOMENTUM. How will you handle them?


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Tifiny Johnson