A Seat at The Table

At every executive level table there is a seat for each person who is paid top dollar to solve the greatest challenges of the company. When you have proven that you can contribute solutions that cause the company to change, grow, progress and stay relevant; a spot is created for you – whether that means the table grew, whether an old spot became vacant or you’re creating a table at which you will sit at the head. Everything that you have accomplished comes into play at that moment – your degree or certificates, any relationship challenges, the many hats that you personally wear, the management of your time and your private ability to handle money. All of these things culminate at the moment you are offered a seat. This moment can be exciting and overwhelming emotionally, physically and professionally. If you do not have certain sanctions, standards or habits in place you will not stay in that seat for very long. In fact, you may very well be warming it for someone else. 

 The table is representative of that place in your professional and/or personal dreams. It’s the status that you dreamt about when you decided on the degree. It’s what your family has always known that you were born for. And although you may have agreed with them, it wasn’t as simple or as easy to achieve a place at said seat.  For some of you it’s a place that has alluded you because of character flaws that you have not killed. Instead, you’ve been foolishly strengthening your weaknesses when you should have been assassinating them. Your degree may have taken you where your character couldn’t keep you and it could just be a blind spot that you need other eyes to help you have the proper perspective of yourself. That seat is the goal. Nevertheless, it’s not the end. No matter what position you have acquired, even if you were grandfathered in, there will come a time when you will need to move on. And up should be the goal even if moving on means moving out. You feel me?

 I have always been praised for my emotional strength and while there have been MANY MANY times in my life when I have not felt strong, I have definitely prevailed emotionally . If I were to list just a few things that I have been through, you may cry and wonder why I’m not bat-dookie crazy. Let’s see, just a few……… I might as well be butNaked. Let’s see. 


The top 3 of My Horrible list: 

Molested at age 11 by a man.

Molested by a woman in my sleep at age 21. 

Married and jilted through a text within 7 months.


Whew! People have committed suicide for much less. And I’m sane! I cannot and will not take credit for any of this though. As I step to the podium, the first person I have to thank for my Emotional Strength Award is JESUS CHRIST – without whom I’d be dead. The combination of His sacrifice and Carolyn Ann Johnson’s phenomenal child-rearing skills created an emotional strength in me that is yet unmatched – as if it’s a competition (smh). 

 You must know that this strength can be taught, learned and built. It is important that you do it now, because when there is a seat available at the table of your dreams you need nothing short of emotional stability to maintain, stand and grow under the pressure. Pressure is INEVITABLE. And you don’t want to wait until you need it and not have it. The question is, “Can you handle it?” If there is even a little doubt in your mind, then you need me in your life. I have an uncanny ability to impart the strength that I was raised with to others who need and want it. 

 Emotional strength is built with practice. It can’t be perfected overnight. However it can grow exponentially under certain regimes and strategically developed abilities. Emotional health is crucial to having a healthy and strong personal, relational and professional life. Without it, suicide, depression, and instability are excruciatingly inescapable.  But with emotional strength, not only will this aid you in achieving that seat at the table, you will have the tools to keep your seat and prepare for moving to the next floor.

 If you want a seat at the table of your dreams or need to keep the seat at the table of your dreams or are ready to move up to the next table of your dreams, you need my course: Leverage Your Life.  Come see me in August!


I am Tifiny and iambutNaked. 

Tifiny Johnson